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The art of being an entertainer and Magician is to be able to adapt to each audience.
It takes years of practice. Adam the magician has spent the last 15-20 years, on
one hand to become a better magician, but at the same time remaining a wise entertainer
capable of adjusting his act to every challenge the audiences provide him with.

Being a magician for the wise Danish audience is not the easiest task, therefore
you need to make sure that the magician you hire is the most talented one in the

Adam the Magician has 2 children, aged 7 and 9 years, which he has practiced his
act on those occasions when his girlfriend got a little too much of his magic and
those “Pick a card.” cituations. Adam is a trained educator which is not completely
unimportant in a number of contexts, including magic shows for families, and performances
for children at schools, school clubs and nurseries.

Adam Aldridge the Magician has 20 years of experience in magic, and performs for
all ages and does shows for all types of events. The only vintage about his show
is the suit he wears, otherwise it is a show that has adapted through time.

adam Magician